TITANIC (PG) 3 hrs 15mins

Even in 2021, 24 yrs after it’s release….. Titanic has lost none of its magic. Leonardo Dicaprio & Kate Winslet created a timeless classic that can be watched time and time again and will never get old.

Titanic has pretty much anything you can ask for…. It's a romance; it's a disaster movie; it's an action film; it's got a sense of humour and wit.

TITANIC is SO touching, SO precise, It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen the film… it remains Flawless, enchanting, riveting, wondrous, and Astounding… a true masterpiece that should only be watched on the BIG SCREEN to be truly appreciated.

Winner of 11 Academy Awards “Titanic” will be screening at Yamba Cinema from Saturday 20th Feb ...... For 1 week ONLY

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