International Ocean Film Tour 2hrs

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR, the ultimate film event for all ocean lovers is coming to Yamba Cinema for 1 screening only... Wednesday 11th March @ 7pm at the Bottom Cinema. Tickets $20 each.

Adventure. Action. Ocean Life. The International OCEAN FILM TOUR is headed to Australia and New Zealand with the best ocean adventures and environmental documentaries on board. 120 minutes packed with the most inspiring short films from the seven seas and the best water sports action of the year.

This year's program consists of 6 short films including JULIE, where we hold our breath and meet a free diving filmmaker who has found her creative voice under the ocean’s surface, a special tour edit of the award-winning film ANDY IRONS-KISSED BY GOD and the environmental film CHASING THE THUNDER, in which the activists of Sea Shepherd put their lives on the line to protect endangered species from cunning poachers.

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR is the world’s premiere ocean film tour. Now in its sixth year, the International OCEAN FILM TOUR visits 14 countries and 150 locations worldwide each year.

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