Breakfast at Tiffany’s (PG) 1hrs 55mins

The most hilarious heroine who ever rumpled the pages of a best-selling on the screen!

The Fairest Lady of All - Audrey Hepburn in One of her Most Lavish, Luscious and Hilarious Hits!  She starts with breakfast at Tiffany's and then sparkles her way through everything you've ever wanted to do!

 The image of Audrey Hepburn wearing a black evening dress, nibbling pastry, and window shopping has become a cultural icon. Audrey delights audiences as the carefree daring, darling Holly Golightly searching Manhattan for a dream millionaire to marry. GEORGE PEPPARD plays the struggling, sponsored young writer who gets swept away in Holly’s chaotic-yet-enchanting lifestyle. But Audrey's mysterious past and their questionable associates provide plenty of complications.

What makes the film work is the remarkable charm of its two stars. Audrey Hepburn is a remarkable actress, personality, and beauty, and she works wonders with her screen character Holly. … Breakfast at Tiffany’s catches George Peppard at the height of his early golden-boy good looks, and he is the perfect foil for Hepburn in both their comic and dramatic scenes. The memorable supporting cast, includes Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, Dorothy Whitney, and Mickey Rooney.

Directed by BLAKE EDWARDS, this two-time Oscar-winning film features HENRY MANCINIs honored score, as well as his and JOHNNY MERCERs Academy Award-winning song, Moon River.

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