A Stitch in Time (M) 1hr 47mins

Writer: Sasha Hadden

Director: Sasha Hadden

Producer: Sasha Hadden

Filming Location: Balmain NSW

Starring: Maggie Blinko, Glenn Shorrock, Belinda Giblin, Hoa Xuande

A moving journey that beautifully celebrates the joys of friendship, never giving up on your dreams, and the diversity of Australian life. When former dressmaker Liebe’s partner Duncan (Little River Band’s Glenn Shorrock) loses his job singing at the local pub, Liebe throws herself into helping Duncan realise his dream to record an album. Upon befriending young fashion designer, Hamish, Liebe decides to make clothes again to support Duncan financially, but quickly reignites a long-forgotten passion for her craft. With Duncan intent on shutting down her dreams, Liebe decides to reclaim her life and discover where she belongs.


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